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Communic8 supply trailer mast for 5G Cell Site UK Surveys

Communic8 supply trailer mast for 5G Cell Site UK Surveys

Picture showing our tower trailer setup with 5G Survey equipment in South of England.

In autumn last year. We undertook a huge project spanning a number of months and countless hours and miles supplying one of our trailer mounted masts for 5G surveys. Helping deliver analysis and data on the new system. The tour took in various locations in England, Scotland and Wales. Our latest case study looks at the project.

5G Survey Project overview.

To date, one of our biggest projects we have had the pleasure and challenge to work on. The project consisted of 45 5G Cell Sites which were in their majority, at the location of existing phone cell towers. Our client was tasked with mapping the UK coverage for the new 5G network where all data gathered from the daily surveying, was passed onto the UK's biggest network provider. This data allowed them to understand the delivery of 5G coverage in those given areas and strategically consider their options for either adding 5G to that cell or the construction of a new cell in the vicinity.

August last year saw us hold a project meeting with the clients to discuss not only the main details of the work but working practices of hiring the trailer mast and understanding from both sides how the work was to be undertaken. Fortunately we have a number of tower trailers available to hire and upon demonstrating its capability and working out a method to safely house the testing equipment on the tower. A work schedule was put in place for both ourselves and the phone provider.

Working on safe, efficent deployment methods and thinking outside of the box.

As can be seen throughout our website, our reviews and also on our social media. We take every job no matter how big or small and give it the attention to detail it deserves. This 5G project was no different. After initially discussing methods for deploying the tower, understanding health and safety aspects for the operational deployment of the tower and understanding a working schedule that suited the client. We took onboard their queries on how best to mount the cell monitoring equipment onto the tower. The equipment consisted of fibreglass poles with the 5G antennas but mainly the Peli Cases housing computer and monitoring equipment which gathered data on the performance of the equipment and also outputted the 5G signal whilst the trials took place.

We are extremely fortunate to have supportive local companies around us at our warehouse in Neyland and upon discussing a possible plan with the neighbouring fabrication company, Honeyborough Construction. They produced detailed yet simple solutions to fabricate and produce the metalwork required to safely fit the tower. They produced not only tower head frame to take the antennas and provide strong support but also a quick release frame allowing peli cases to be clipped/unclipped from the tower with a few bolts. This proved to save countless hours in the deployment and recall of the tower at each site every day. Pleased to say that the work was appreciated by both the clients telecomms engineers and our own engineer.

5G technology.

There is a lot of media coverage about 5G. Mostly due to who will be providing the backbone of the technology to deliver the 5G coverage in the UK. 5G as a technology is coming and therefore, dependency on it being delivered correctly. Whilst there have been complaints about some areas who still cannot get a basic signal. Technology both in our homes and cities is moving at an ever increasing pace. The push towards IoT technology in cities such as smart bins, smart meters and other similar items will mean that 5G is nothing but the new way of doing things.

As with all new developments and tech, there are pros and cons to everything. Our phones get smarter. We get more dependable on them and our cars, our homes and our towns become more smarter.
Being able to deploy our tower trailer at 40+ sites and provide a temporary 5G cell site which in the bigger picture could potentially benefits tens of thousands of people is paramount for us knowing we have played a part in delivering a national item.

We faced many challenges on the tour, taking us from our base in Pembrokeshire down to the south of England through Wales, Cumbria and to Scotland. Routing back down the east and around the South East. We had some fantastic views, challenges due to weather and long, late nights. Most importantly we had some absolutely fantastic feedback from the Project Managers.


Thread showing some images of the tour can be seen by clicking the link to our Twitter profile.

Are you looking to hire tower trailer masts?. 

We provide a UK Nationwide service and are always keen to work alongside our clients to deliver the best service possible no matter how large or complex the project may be.
If you are project managing the roll out of a 5G service or need to conduct temporary surveying such as phone cells, noise monitoring or wildlife surveys and require a temporary tower trailer. Speak to us and find out how we can help.

Tower Trailers available to hire are;-

  • 6m
  • 12m
  • 30m

Our fleet of trailers can be deployed in as little as 10 minutes. Should you have the need to fabricate brackets, cradles or frames to house monitoring equipment. We would be pleased to undertake this for you and deliver it as part of your hire.

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