New Mobile Mast Trailer For hire

New Mobile Mast Trailer For hire

New Mobile Mast Trailer For hire

In the summer of 2018 we took delivery of a new mobile tower mast trailer. This trailer will serve as a multi role trailer providing 2 main functions. This new trailer will allow us to increase our 2 way radio communication provision plus in addition to our new commentary unit. Allow us increase our service of outdoor PA systems.

Multi Role Mobile Mast Trailer

We're very pleased to be able to have a versatile and multi role trailer join the fleet as it allows flexibility to our range of services to both sound hire clients and communication clients.

The new trailer will be quickly deployable as a mobile mast trailer for on site communications. Mostly for 2 way radio but with the flexibility to be hired to 3rd party customers for any given communication task.

The second role for the trailer is to serve as a PA (Public Address - speaker) trailer. The 20ft telescopic mast allows for great speaker coverage on sites ensuring 360 degree speaker coverage. The unit is fully self contained and can operate on generator or battery power, depending on client needs. It has a small ground footprint of 10ft x 10ft allowing for easy and quick deployment. With 6 horn speakers this trailer is ideal for show entrances, car parks and horse lines and showjumping.


Temporary Communication Tower Trailer

Whether you need a portable winch tower for temporary onsite radio communications or you are looking to hire a portable winch tower for your own communication equipment. The trailer gives a simple solution to temporary radio masts and radio antennas. The top cross bar allows for quick and easy VHF/UHF antenna mountings or broadband access point fixing. This means temporary Wi-Fi solutions can be delivered with ease. We can provide the trailer as a bare mast and trailer or supply it with generator or battery power, depending on equipment draw.

Secure and lockable boxes can house 2Way Radio and Repeater Hire plus antenna cabling or Broadband equipment.

Trailer configuration;-

  • 3 manual sliding outriggers
  • Manually operated tower winch
  • Manually adjustable wind down legs for stability and levelling.
  • 4 Section Tower Box frame and T member cross arm.
  • 6.5Kva Generator or Battery Power
  • Towing Eye
  • Trailer Dimensions 10ft x 5.2ft. Closed.
  • Tower Mast 20ft (6m)


PA Speaker Trailer.

The functionality of the mast trailer and top cross arm gives the perfect fixings for a number of horn speakers. This PA trailer is pretty rare in the fact it can be a complete PA system on wheels.

The trailer has a 20ft mast which can take up to 6x 100v horn speakers. Varying in power from 20 to 40 Watts. The layout of the cross arm means we can provide a full 360 ° fan of your audio. Ensuring everyone around the mast and beyond, can hear what is being said.

This configuration can either be linked to our Commentary units or it can be a standalone system.

Standalone system configuration;-

  • 12V Battery Power
  • 240w 100volt line amplifier
  • Wireless microphone system
  • Ipod/ CD player
  • Horn Speakers - Up to 6

The PA trailer is ideal for small to medium outdoor events such as for horse lines on equestrian events or agricultural shows. It's also ideal for marathons and triathlons plus sporting events for pit lanes and shakedown areas.

The trailer is great for emergency situations where you need to coordinate a rescue or emergency deployment.

Quick, simple and efficient.

The trailer can be delivered, setup and be fully deployable in under 45 minutes. It has small outriggers for stable operation to ensure you can keep going if the weather turns.

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