HOW TO reopen safely during COVID-19

HOW TO reopen safely and run a business after COVID-19 Lockdown UK. The Government announced this week that some lockdown restrictions will be lifted and retail shops such as bakeries, takeaway restaurants, garden centres can reopen. We hope these tips and guidance help you. 

From Monday. As other areas of the UK slowly begin to ease the lockdown rules post Coronavirus. We have put together some simple guidelines on how you can operate safely as lockdown restrictions are eased. We like many people have faced challenges ensuring social distancing but equally wanting to keep income and business going.

If you are looking for government guidelines for reopening schools, going back to work or preparing your workplace for employees and customers. 

Two Way Radios - Walkie Talkies for Social Distancing

1) The UK Government are actively asking businesses and retail outlets to use 2 Way Radios. This is particular applicable to those working in offices and construction sites. Using radios helps maintain social distancing and keeps employees and customers safe at the same time. 

The benefits of using radios means staff members can keep their distance from each other whilst still communicating quickly. You can also use 2Way Radio Hire in queues meaning customers can give collection numbers or request what they are after easily.

Helpful features:

  • Text messaging (Quickly send brief messages or picking notes)
  • GPS Locations (See locations of staff/delivery drivers)
  • Direct Dial (Only call specific members of staff/reception)
  • Wide Area Coverage (Radio systems from offices to homes, fully linkable so you're in the loop). Work safely from home and still keep in touch.

Hire Prices

Hire for just £4 per week with fully flexible rental plans available for any customer from warehouses to cleaning companies. We have equipment ready to go.

Walkie Talkies for Primary and Secondary Schools

We have License Free and Licensed Communications depending on your needs. Radio Hire for Schools and Colleges

Walkie Talkies for Retail Shops, Supermarkets, Garden Centres

We also have ready to rent, Walkie Talkies for Retail Stores Retail and Shopwatch Radios

Sound Systems

We can install two way audio systems and allow you to use radios like an intercom to ensure social distancing.

2) We have seen a number of enquiries for hiring and also purchasing Megaphones. Loudhailers as they are also referred to as. They can be used in warehouse environments or for briefings if you need to occasional speak across a large area.

Sound System Hire Prices

We have small tannoy and speaker systems available to hire from £20 per week - PA Hire

Intercom systems

A local council has approached us to install a temporary COVID-19 Intercom system. The two way audio system will feature a push to talk microphone at vehicle gates to control deliveries. This minimises the risk to the site staff as they can get the driver and delivery details without coming into contact with the delivery driver.

If you wish to have a semi permanent tannoy system to make announcements and speeches, we can provide simple to operate sound tannoy systems anywhere in Wales.

Intercom Hire Prices

Hire Intercoms from £9 per week, subject to sizes required.

All these systems can be installed indoors or outdoors. An example of these access control methods can apply to;-

  • Builders Merchants
  • Logistics / Haulage Companies
  • Garden Centres
  • Waste & Recycling Depots
  • Schools / Universities
  • Construction Sites

Other tips to maintain a safe workplace when your business reopens includes;-

  1. Discouraging non-essential trips around sites.
  2. Restricting access between different areas of a building or work site. Reducing job and location rotation.
  3. Introducing more one-way flow through buildings.
  4. Reducing maximum occupancy for lifts,
  5. Providing hand sanitiser for the operation of lifts
  6. Encouraging use of stairs wherever possible.

Control Measures Summary

To ensure workplace health and safety, a summary of what we can provide is;-

  • 2 Way Radio Comms
  • Sound Systems
  • Megaphones / Tannoy Systems
  • Intercom / Counter Speech Systems
  • Crowd Barriers - Hire for £3 per week
Get in touch to ask questions. 

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Keep your workers, customers, visitors safe and follow the latest UK Government guidelines and read the PDF below. It includes helpful checklists for working working safely during COVID-19

UK Government Guidelines Working Safely PDF