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Agricultural and Farming 2 Way Radio Communications Specialist UK

Farming and Agricultural Radios

We have been supplying agricultural two way radios for a number of years. We are increasingly seeing more demand for a reliable and instant form of communication. Using walkie talkies in tractors, UTVs, combine harvesters and pickups is key to all farmers.

We know how key the farming industry is to our every day lives, our home in Pembrokeshire is built on the farming community. Our rural setting is beautiful but when it comes to keeping in touch, this is difficult at best.

What can we supply?

  • Long range - wide area farming communications.
  • Loud audio output
  • Noise cancelling technology for crisp audio
  • Flexible Purchase Options
  • Flexible Hire Options (For silage/crop seasons)
  • Radios to suit every budget
  • Handheld and Moblie (Base station) Radios

For years, farmers have relied upon CB communications and mobile phones. Whilst some farmers may have long range comms from a CB. They are not a private form of communication and many people can eavesdrop. They are also only suitable providing tractors have line of sight to each other.

What are your options?

Whilst there are license free options, ultimately farmers want to talk long distance and wide area. For this you need licensed communications. It is the only way to get reliable wide area communications.

If you have acres of land to cover you will need to consider OFCOM licensing. As a radio communications company we can sort this all out for you, saving you time and money.

Read the article over at Farmers Weekly who have some good tips and points when picking your radios - Farmers Weekly - Radio Communications

Faming and Agriculture Two Way Radios

Handheld Radios - These are great for jumping between vehicles and ideal if you are working a small area.

Mobile Radios - These will be fitted to tractors/combines/farm buildings. These transmit a higher power and increase the range of transmission.

Mixture needed?  - If you need a mixture of handheld comms and vehicle comms. We may need to look at a repeater at your location and survey the expected coverage. This is something that can be looked into at a later stage.

Need county or UK wide comms coverage?

For those who need to cover whole counties such as agricultural contractors or large scale farming. We can supply you with internet linked radio communications giving you UK wide coverage, in effect.

Two Way Walkie Talkies for Farms and Agricultural Use - Tractor Radios and CB's

Get the latest technology

For years, farmers have relied upon CB communications and mobile phones. Whilst some farmers may have long range comms from a CB. They are not a private form of communication and many people can eavesdrop. They are also only suitable providing tractors have line of sight to each other

Time is precious for everyone but when you are up against it trying to get silage in or get crops in. Keeping in touch is key and efficency/productivity is even more so in the agricultural game.

Frequently asked questions - farming two way radios.

What about antennas, where will they go?.

If you are purchasing radios, we can fit your radio systems to your vehicles and find suitable places to install antennas. This can be either window or roof mounted to ensure secure fixing against low branches or trees on country roads.

How can I mark my radios for each user?

If you have radios permanently installed into a vehicle it's no problem but if you have handheld radios. We can provide conspicuous markings and hi vis tags to identify who's radio is who's.

I want more than 1 channel to talk on, to seperate farm workers from contractors, can I do this?

Yes you can. We can program your radios with as many channels as needed. Farm hands can talk on 1 channel whilst contractors or tractor teams talk on another. Should they need to speak to each other, they simply change channels.

Should I purchase or rent?

This really comes down to your budget and also personal choice. If you purchase, you have one upfront cost and once installed, you're away to go.

If you rent - you have no capital outlay and devices can be changed or replaced should they become faulty. You can also bolt on extra radios or add in a repeater if your operation needs tweaking, again with no large outlay.

If you only need extra radios for a small period, you can purchase the bare amount you need and hire in additional radios when you need it.

What can it cost?

This really can be a case of how long is a piece of string and how much you value productivity. The options are vast. Digital or analogue quality will also determine price. You get better sound and better range on digital but it does cost more.

Purchasing Vehicle Radios:- You can expect to pay around £350-400 for a digital mobile radio.

If you want a lower end option. Analogue mobile radios are around £160-£250

Antennas - £20 - £50

Purchasing Handheld Radios:- This again will vary based on the above.

Digital Handheld Radios - £290-£300

Analogue Handheld Radios - £130 - £160

Renting / Hiring two way radio.

As a ball park, this can vary again. Depending on how many devices you wish to hire, how long you wish to hire plus also if you chose to use a repeater or not.

We also charge more for digital than analogue devices. We would always advise you contact us for accurate quotations but work on a ball park figure of £12 - £14 per week per device.

Want to find out more?.......
Contact us, from our home in Pembrokeshire, we can cover all rural areas in West and South Wales including CarmarthenshireCeredigion but we also service customers, not only in Wales but nationwide.