Push to Talk Over Cellular - UK and EU Wide Two Way Radio Hire with 4G LTE Walkie Talkies

Push To Talk Over Cellular

One of the newest forms of radio technology on the market, is PTTOC. We hire and sell a range of POC radios. Find out what POC means, what 3g/4g radios we recommend and an explaination of features. 

What is PTTOC?. 

PTTOC is Push To Talk Over Cellular. It also referred to as LTE Radios, Nationwide PTT, Broadband PTT and POC (Push over Cellular). 
It gives you two way radio coverage over a wide area by using mobile phone tower sites. Many of the radios are based on the Android operating system and operate in a similar way to a normal smartphone. 

What are the benefits?. 

The benefits in phone cell coverage is simple. Most of the UK has a phone signal of some description and whilst some remote areas do not, and traditional radios are still the way to go. POC is great for people to get radio coverage anywhere in the UK with small outlay. No repeaters and No OFCOM licensing is needed.

I'm interested in getting wide area coverage, how does it work?

  1.     Decide if you want to Hire or Buy radios.
  2.     Pick a Radio
    1. Handsets 
    2. Mobile radios? (to go in vehicles). 
  3.     Decide what features, if any. You may need on your radios
  4.     We provide you with a Sim Card for your radio to suit the features you need
  5.     Decide if you want to track your radios and plot positions via GPS. If so, you will need to have a dispatch console which is software that can allow you to see messages, photos, videos and much more. 

The POC Radios We Recommend Are:

For Managers/Supervisors/Corporate Use

Features of Push to Talk POC LTE Android Radios

Push to Talk Features

There are many features that some of the Android based radios can give you. 

Some of the features include, GPS, Motion Sensors, HD Cameras, Text Messaging, Video Call and Picture messages.

Don't have Phone Signal? - no problem. Make use of the Wi-Fi built into the radios to carry on talking. Most devices will work with standard bluetooth accessories such as earpieces for handsfree use. 

Great coverage: We use EE, Vodafone, O2 and 3 phone networks to ensure your radio always connects to the strongest signa. 

If you already operate a Motorola radio system and want to increase your coverage either locally to your business or across the UK. You may need to consider Motorola WAVE PTX. This gives your normal Motorola radios the ability to work with Smartphones and more.